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Coaxial Circulators / Isolators

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Waveguide Circulators / Isolators

Broadband Circulators / Isolators

Dual-Junction Circulators / Isolators


DEEWAVE Electronics supply a variety of circulators and isolators as the RF components for industrial and infrastructural use.

These are used for base stations, femtocells, wireless communication systems for business, and cable networks, etc.


A fixed frequency is used for communication between wireless devices.

A circulator transmits the high frequency signal that entered port 1 only to port 2, and the high frequency signal entered port 2 is sent only to the port 3. In this manner, it transmits only in one fixed direction, and the signals are not transmitted in the opposite direction.


Also, an isolator is a component in which one of the three terminals of a circulator is connected to a termination resistor.


DEEWAVE circulators and isolators products lineup is available ranging widely from small ones for the first stage to the components that support larger output for the last stage, with variations in frequency, shape and size, terminal structure, specification values, etc.

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