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DEEWAVE Electronics supply a variety of isolators for wireless and cellular markets. The rf isolators are manufactured to our customer's specifications and quick delivery. All DEEWAVE rf isolators are produced with the highest quality available.

An isolator is very similar to a circulator. It is made from ferrite material and magnets. This creates a magnetic field with a flow in a certain direction. When a signal enters the device, it must travel in the direction that the magnetic field is flowing. In this way the signal is directed to the desired port on the device.


Extensive research has gone into the design and performance of these devices. The way that an isolator is different from a circulator is that isolators have two ports while circulators usually have three. Terminating one of the ports of the circulator creates this two-port device. The signal is “isolated” by only having one path on which to travel. The signal can only move from one port to a second port. Isolators are connected to a transmitter and they are used to keep the signals from returning to the transmitter. By keeping the signal from returning to the transmitter, interference is reduced.

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