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 DEEWAVE Electronics supply a variety of circulators for wireless and cellular markets. The rf circulators are manufactured to our customer's specifications and quick delivery. All DEEWAVE rf circulators are produced with the highest quality available.


These devices are important for keeping signals flowing in one direction only. A circulator is a device that transports radio frequency or microwaves from one port to another. They typically have three ports and send the signal in one direction. They are made of magnets and ferrite materials with magnetic properties.


The magnets create a magnetic field that prevents the radio or microwave signals from moving in any direction other than along with the magnetic field to the next port.


These devices are also referred to as duplexers because they allow the transmission of two signals over one channel. This allows a receiver and a transmitter to share the same antenna. This is the most common use for a circulator. When the transmitter sends a signal, the device directs the signal to the antenna port.



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